Something to ponder this Thanksgiving Season:

One person might be thankful for a day off from work, while another will be thankful for a job so they can work.

 Somebody might be thankful for their family, or they might be a little irritated with some of the family.  Somewhere, someone  would be thankful to have a family or any part of their family.

 We hurry and stress to have the house all decorated for our Thanksgiving, but homeless and refugees would be glad for a shelter and a blanket.

 We’ll pray for blessings and will offer thanks for our big Thanksgiving Dinner. Millions would be thankful for any food today or any day.

Everything has to be so perfect, but then we fret about cleaning up afterward.  Those who have been forced from their homes hope to live one more day even in the worst squallor.

 After a big meal, so many of us will be happy to sit-back, prop-up our feet and enjoy TV football. Out there, somewhere, are those huddling together for warmth, and their stomachs are still empty.

Early shoppers anxiously await  mall openings, in such a hurry to get a jump on their shopping.  Thankful for having survived so far,  some will be thankful if they will live to see another Christmas, even though there will be no decorations, no gifts, no food, no home.

Here, we Christians are thankful that Christ gave his life for our salvation.  In other places, there are those who are thankful for their salvation and will give their life to remain a Christian.

 This is just a reminder of the plight of others around the world. Let your mind explore, and your will see a thousand more reasons to be thankful.   Be thankful, very thankful for life, for family and for the blessings God has allowed you. 

Love one another while you can, food may not always be this plentiful, family so close and life so easy.  .

 Thank you God for all that you have allowed us.  Thank you for Jesus Christ.  Give us understanding, love and the ability to love.


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