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It’s approaching three years since Austin Tice was snatched away in Syria.



Somewhere, there is someone who knows the where Austin Tice is being held.


Austin grew up in Houston, Texas.  After attending the University Houston, he was graduated from the Edmund A Walsh School of Foreign Service, Georgetown University in 2002.


Austin Bennett Tice during his service in the  United States Marine Corps achieved the rank of Captain.


Austin Tice decided to pursue a career in journalism rather than law.  Leaving law school, his award-winning articles led him to Syria.  Tice, like a few special and deeply motivated journalists Sotloff, Vandyke and Foley, he felt it urgent that the Syrian Story be told.


Austin Tice was taken August 2012. James Foley was abducted in November that same year.  Steven Sotloff was kidnapped in August 2013.


There’s been one video of Austin Tice.  It doesn’t appear that he was taken by ISIS.  Maybe someone somewhere will see this video and pass information along to help locate Austin Tice.

If you are that someone who has been in that part of the world, seen a photograph, and have some indication of its locality or other information, visit one of the sites below to share it.


If you have any knowledge of the area, visit the Facebook page, the website to see if there is any information you can give the Tice family to save their son.


The Tice family has been active in seeking his release and any information. 


Please help free Austin Tice, former Capitan, United States Marine Corps.



Austin Tice’s Family has a website:

Contact Page


FaceBook Page:






Something to ponder this Thanksgiving Season:

One person might be thankful for a day off from work, while another will be thankful for a job so they can work.

 Somebody might be thankful for their family, or they might be a little irritated with some of the family.  Somewhere, someone  would be thankful to have a family or any part of their family.

 We hurry and stress to have the house all decorated for our Thanksgiving, but homeless and refugees would be glad for a shelter and a blanket.

 We’ll pray for blessings and will offer thanks for our big Thanksgiving Dinner. Millions would be thankful for any food today or any day.

Everything has to be so perfect, but then we fret about cleaning up afterward.  Those who have been forced from their homes hope to live one more day even in the worst squallor.

 After a big meal, so many of us will be happy to sit-back, prop-up our feet and enjoy TV football. Out there, somewhere, are those huddling together for warmth, and their stomachs are still empty.

Early shoppers anxiously await  mall openings, in such a hurry to get a jump on their shopping.  Thankful for having survived so far,  some will be thankful if they will live to see another Christmas, even though there will be no decorations, no gifts, no food, no home.

Here, we Christians are thankful that Christ gave his life for our salvation.  In other places, there are those who are thankful for their salvation and will give their life to remain a Christian.

 This is just a reminder of the plight of others around the world. Let your mind explore, and your will see a thousand more reasons to be thankful.   Be thankful, very thankful for life, for family and for the blessings God has allowed you. 

Love one another while you can, food may not always be this plentiful, family so close and life so easy.  .

 Thank you God for all that you have allowed us.  Thank you for Jesus Christ.  Give us understanding, love and the ability to love.



What’s with all this HUGGING???

 Why does everyone feel compelled to invade the private space of others?

I can hardly go to the local dollar store without some acquaintance spontaneously throwing their arms around me.  Then, still in this very close proximity, the acquaintance recounts a plethora of ailments a plethora of doctors have diagnosed. No wonder the person HUGGED me.  The poor thing was probably too ill to go on and latched on to me for physical support while racked with a deep cough.  At least, the head was turned, just a little sputum on my lapel.

 Then there’s the man who is a bit rotund.  Even though I’ve changed aisles, I cannot avoid meeting this fellow face-to-face in the narrowest of passages.    His enthusiastic bear hug invariably includes my breast being crushed and rubbed against his chest.  Somebody needs to tell him his arms are just too short for this modern, socially-acceptable activity.  One day he’s gonna pop somebody’s silicone.

 Shortly after I moved back to my rural roots, I was helping my cousin with a garage sale. Some lady (?), whom I’d never laid eyes on before, came up and said “I’m Melba Beard and I give hugs.”  This hugging thing was new to me then;   backing away, I replied, “I’m Twila and I don’t.”  The lady was undeterred and proceeded to virtually attack me with her overzealous display of assumed affection.  I was to learn this was her normal and neither man, woman or child was safe from her”HUGS.”

 “Then there’s the “You need a HUG,”  “She/He looks like she/he needs a HUG,” and being put in the position of seeming to be a cold, unfeeling person if one doesn’t comply when told “I NEED A HUG.”  I guess that would be okay were it George Clooney.

 Growing up, shaking hands was considered the proper adult greeting.  Even then, most ladies wore gloves.  Casual “Hugging” was a greeting reserved for children when the elderly relatives were visiting.

 “Keep your hands to yourself” was one of the hard fast rules that my mother taught me and lived by.  A parent might hug a child, but it was not okay for the child to thrust themselves into the arms of friends and neighbors.  We went to church, shopping, family reunions and any number of social occasions without embracing anybody; much less acquaintances or even strangers.  Casual physical contact was just not done.

  People did not “lay hands” on each other.  Their space was respected, and they extended the same courtesy.  We didn’t touch them, fiddle with their clothing, let alone do the cheek to cheek, arm-entangling-germ exchange.  

 Mama would never have adjusted to today’s social moiré of so much casual physical contact, especially “HUGGING.”

 So in a time of more and more mutating diseases, antibiotic-resistant bacteria,  incurable viruses, staph and strep that require long hospital stays and thousands of dollars to cure,  mersa, recurrence of diseases long thought dead such as TB and whooping-cough, WHY ARE WE HUGGING????

In the name of disease prevention, practice regular hand-washing, coughing and/or sneezing into a disposable tissue, keeping your nose clean, and at all costs, AVOID  THE HUG.”